Meet designer Noemi!

Noemi (noh-emmy) loves neutrals and sees gray as the new go-to neutral.  She suggests using gray tones to build your room and accent with pops of color.  These could be found through throw pillows, art or any table accessories.  Also popular this season are colorful lamps. There are many ways to bring color into a neutral space.

If you are buying a large upholstery piece consider a neutral textile with a subtle pattern.  Or a club chair in a classic color or neutral tone.   Noemi sees these pieces as classics that you can build on for years to come.  You can easily change up the look each season by adding new throw pillows.  As far as coming  fall trends, Noemi sees pattern with pattern coming into style.  Large scale prints can be found all over.  Its showing up in wallpaper, chairs and of course pillows.  Consider mixing the ever popular chevron print with a subtle stripe or a textured  fabric.

With an eye for high style, Noemi looks to the runways  for trends in home décor.  She sees the runways and home furnishings as relating to each other.  They each help set trends and are worth watching.  Noemi is a great choice if you are looking for a designer with high style taste.