Ordering For The Holidays!

One of the biggest things that we see around the holidays besides everyone racing to the airport to pick up the in-laws on time, busting out all the decorations,  & rushing around to get gifts bought, is everyone is also trying to get their home looking perfect before those yearly get-togethers with loved ones. If you’ve ever been the one hosting the Thanksgiving feast or the Christmas congregation than you’re probably all too familiar with that feeling of panic when you realize it’s officially October & you scan around your home picking out all the things you want to change before everyone is knocking on your door. It’s ok you can admit it, we’ve all done it at one point or another! We also know that everyone has a different style & taste to their home that sometimes can be really hard to find just anywhere so you look & look but you come up empty handed. So not only do you not have that gorgeous dining set you saw in Better Homes & Gardens you hunted for but you still have to clean & cook for everyone. We understand the struggle of a host/hostess!

IMG_20140930_103703156That’s a huge reason why we want to make sure everyone has a heads up about ordering those perfect pieces before the holidays. We carry some great selections on our floor but we also know it isn’t going to fit everyone’s style & it may quite literally not even fit inside at all. If you’re looking to match a piece you found in a magazine or saw on HGTV than you should probably know that it might prove to be pretty difficult to just run out & scoop it up last minute for the right price, the dimensions you need it in, & have it delivered that day. Sadly the world of beautiful & high quality furniture just doesn’t work that way but wouldn’t it be great if it did?!  We want to make sure everyone can come look at catalogs, talk with our great designers, & make the perfect selection before time runs out.

Remember, we are here to help! If you have an idea of what you want & a budget just stop in to talk with one of our designers. They can pin point what the best options are for you & provide you with pictures, dimensions, & fabric/finish options that are the best fit for your space. No matter if you want to do selecting on your own or get a little help from us just keep in mind that time is beginning to run out if you are wanting your order by November 27th. Most custom orders take anywhere between 4-8 weeks depending what you are wanting to order & the line you choose to go with. So hurry in before it hits crunch time!

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